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  • Sport Spotlight: Jefferson County Nordic Skiing Team

    Sport Spotlight: Jefferson County Nordic Skiing Team

    Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

    December 12, 2017

    A group of 20 kids stood at the tubing hill of the Frisco Adventure Center, waiting for their final teammates to arrive. All of them had poles and skis, ready to start the day.  But they weren’t at the top waiting to race down in fast “S” turns.  Instead, they were preparing to race up the h...

  • We Are All In This Together

    We Are All In This Together

    Emily Hansen, Staff reporter

    November 30, 2017

                    Thanksgiving break has passed and we are on the last few weeks of the semester to end. Finals are appearing to get ready for Homework is getting piled as each of us are more and more stressed about it. Just remember everything is going to be OK. Doctor Butterworth a science te...

  • Library Closed For Lunch

    Library Closed For Lunch

    Ali'a Keliiholokai, Editor in Cheif

    November 29, 2017

    Countless students each day flock to the library in hopes of checking out a book, using a study room, getting onto the computers, or just to have a place to to do their work, especially during lunch. That was until, the decision was made to close the library during the lunch hour, citing poor behavio...

    The new flyers that will be placed around the library.

    Mrs. Meyers

  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame

    Emily Hansen, Staff reporter

    November 28, 2017

    On November 18, 2017 Green Mountain put on an event which was the hall of fame. In a letter that Principal Owens wrote, she says “Being recognized into your high school hall of fame is truly an honor and our nominees must have demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, character, leadership, self-res...

  • Review: It’s a Wonderful Life, the GMHS Fall Play

    Review: It’s a Wonderful Life, the GMHS Fall Play

    Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

    November 7, 2017

    As the lights dimmed in the Green Mountain High theater, the room quieted, and a collective breath of fresh air exited the mouths of every single person in attendance. A spotlight shines out, illuminating the first actor on the stage. However, this show isn’t a Broadway production; this is It’s a ...

    A theater Ram

    Michele Lehman

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