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How Sexist is our Dress Code?

In this society where men and women grow side by side, are they really equal?

Rei Vallier, Staff Reporter

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Alex Orford, a freshman at GMHS, was pulled aside from class to go change her shirt because of the bra strap hanging out.

After interviewing the following people, I have learned how the dress code has effected in our society. Alex Orford, a victim of the school dress code states that this rule, “disrupts a woman’s confidence,” and how the “education of men is more important.” The freshmen, with many experiences of being pulled aside to change their clothes even when they don’t even identify as a woman. Mx. Orford was born female, but goes by a they instead of a he or she, but the school board thinks otherwise. Even though Alex identifies as bi-gender, a gender identity which can be literally translated as ‘two genders’ or ‘double gender,’ they still have to follow the dress code for girls. Joey Ruppel, an assistant principal at GMHS high school said, “women are put up as sex symbols way more often than men.” Ms. Ruppel is trying to get at the point that women can’t wear a bra strap or be as free as they wish without getting scolded or raped.

There are two people disagreeing with this topic, one of them being a woman named Jordan Elmer saying, “I don’t know much about it, but I think if you’re covered up, you’re fine.” Elmer states. All you need is to not wear very revealing clothes during the school day. Simple as that. Kids just have to be respectful of other teens by not wearing spaghetti straps because you’ll show too much cleavage. You may be free to wear short shorts after school and on your own time. According to Ms. Ruppel, “kids like to push the limit,” and “they like to follow the dress code only when someone reminds them.” Us teenagers have so many things going on in our brains like romance for example. We just want to find their one person they’ll be with, so if girl’s legs and/or cleavage is showing, they could disrupt the learning of the guys in our class? But do we really need to take women out of class just to change their clothes?

Is this rule really solving anything? So what, guys can get distracted, but it shouldn’t be solved with disrupting a woman’s education.

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How Sexist is our Dress Code?