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What Happened to Comic Books?

Aiden Case, Feature writer

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Comic books, the art of the 20th century. Comic books were famous for their stories and art in 1939. But what  happened to them? They were really famous and then almost non existent. They are still sold at Comic book stores, but nobody knows the original comic books’ stories. The history of comic books goes back a long way, 1837 to be exact when the very first comic book was created. That’s almost one  hundred years! This comic book in particular was called The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck. Which was originally printed in Swiss and then reprinted in several other languages. The English version was printed in England during 1941 (The History of Comic Books, However the first comic book publishers in America were Detective Comics (DC) in 1937. They made 26 comic books before introducing Batman in Detective Comics #27 (1939).  During that time the company known as Marvel was also created. Their first major hero was The Human Torch (Marvel Comics #1). Both DC and Marvel are huge comic book competitors in both the publishing and movie universe. They made amazing characters like The Amazing Spider-man, The Joker,  Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Batman and more. They created Several characters, some well know, and some not so much. But what happened?

Comic books have become more advanced and rewritten over and over there were a lot of spin offs and fan fictions that sometimes get graphic. We decided to ask a comic book lover and D.C. Vs the Universes club ( a club that has debates, art showings, ect.) Co-founder Darrien Farley.  He said ” People prefer Technology over the real thing, people prefer to read them online,” This is a true statement. Comic books can be read for free on the internet.  Just look up read free comic books online in google, seriously stop right now and go look it up. did you look it up? If you did do you see what I mean? There a lot off them a lot of them about 210,000,000 results in 0.51 seconds ( result). Shocking, is it not? That’s only the ones that google can find as quick as possible. Yet there is more to tell.

Comic books besides being upgraded technologically it has been re written over and over again. Which has deluded the original story so much that there is often many debates  among comic book fans for instance is Batman a villain? or Who is the Joker? ect. It has changed so much that it is hard to know the original story. Here is one of the many: Batman Through the Looking Glass  by Sam Keith and Bruce Jones. It is a good comic book but it is a spin off. It doesn’t stay True to the original story. Things like Re writing and making it free have ruined the integrity of comic books. However even the main publishing companies like DC and Marvel are re writing and re publishing there comics. Marvel is making it into a movie series and DC has republished their comics called the New 52 which has re written its original comics. “They have gotten crazier” says Seddrick Lozano Co founder of DC vs the universes club and comic book fan when asked “what do you think has happened to comic books over the years?” and he is right they have gotten really crazy, so many stories each differing to the other.

Comic books have changed a lot. They have been made free via the technology and rewritten over and over. It needs to end. The authenticity of actually buying a comic book and reading it is fun. There is no other feeling and not to mention it will be an original comic it may be a rewrite unless it has a comic book publisher brand like DC or Marvel. I’m being serious, go buy one it might do you good.

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What Happened to Comic Books?