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Christmas Creeps

Jolene Janus

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Halloween. It’s a beautiful holiday, when the leaves are brilliant colours and the air is cool and crisp. (Although lately it seems to be more like the human version of freezing or melting point…what’s with that?) It’s the one day anyone can literally be anything else. Some people love it and the scary movies, the haunted houses, the mazes, the costumes, and the candy it brings. Others dislike the holiday with all its jump scares, the haunts, and the sugar-crashes that trail behind it. However, when Christmas decorations creep into the store isles around the same time the ones for Halloween deck the shelves, it lines up some questions about exactly what the stores are trying to pull. But it may not be what you think.

From the people’s stand point, the stores setting up so early seems to be just another ploy to shove even more Christmas festive cheer down their throats. Sadie Reynolds, senior at Green Mountain High, says that the setting up for Christmas is “way too soon. November 1st is the earliest day to put them up. You have to take it one holiday at a time.”

She’s not the only one who feels this way. Other high schoolers and teachers agree. Focusing on Christmas before Halloween can take away from Halloween and its fright fest. Other factors like content, the feel of the holiday, the origins, and the like don’t help one bit either. The differences between the two holidays are enormous and can contrast annoyingly. (Look, here we have haunted tombstones and dead bodies in isle one. In isle two we have reindeer-patterned, cinnamon-smelling candles).

On the other hand, small corporations have their own struggles. Marc Trice, who works at Ace Hardware, told that, “For us, it’s such a large department that it takes us six weeks to set it up.” The store doesn’t have as much of a workforce as a large corporate supermarket like Walmart or Target, thus placing more stress on the fewer workers to do more: getting it in, sorting, pricing, and arranging the inventory takes more time than they have.

He also noted, “Our customers, over the years, kind of demand that early so they can decorate while it’s still warm out.” Without the time to set up during October, they could still be setting up well into November, when snow and ice begin to appear and the rush to put out lights before snow is well under way already.

Trice added that although Ace sets up earlier, they aren’t like the other retail stores that set up long before the holiday, only to have moved on when the day of the holiday actually comes, and that their Christmas sales revenue is minimal.

So despite people’s wishes to keep Halloween and Christmas decorations in different months, it’s not really the stores that have a choice. And the best course of action simply seems to be ignoring the Christmas creeping up from behind and breathing down our necks.

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