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Transgender Restrooms/Equal Access

Rei Vallier, Staff Reporter

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Have you ever had to fear for your safety, choosing the bathroom that’s the safest for you? Eighteen out of 50 states banned transgender discrimination, making sure people are safe to choose the bathroom of their choice without fear. The world is slowly accepting their life choices.

Levi Wilson, a transgender male here, at Green Mountain High School, still uses the women’s bathroom because he has fears of getting a punch to the face for being who he wants to be. When asked if people should be able use the bathroom of their choice, Wilson said, “Yeah, I do. Wholeheartedly.”

There are families in this country and in this community who don’t approve of transgender students using the bathroom of their choice.  Just as Wilson has expressed, choosing a bathroom could be a matter of choosing to be safe or not.


Ms. Joey Ruppel, an assistant principal at GMHS, says, “I really enjoy the fact that here at Green Mountain there is such an accepting community, and from what I’ve seen, nobody cares.”

This school and this community doesn’t really have any problem with being different but you never know. People could be here, and think a different way than what society wants them to. “Compared to what I was at high school this is a much more open time to just be who you want to be,” comments Ruppel.

As I walked through the hallways trying to find someone who could actually tell me a different opinion, but I couldn’t find anyone, not a single person to own up to their opinion, and just said they “agree with everyone else.” Out of the 46% of GMHS’ faculty, no one stood up and talked to me about their thoughts.

Maybe our world is starting to accept them after all, people are starting to change their minds about how our society is evolving. The world will never know what will happen in the future, but will be better for the future generation and the LGBT community.


Usually people turn their heads at homelessness, violence, etc., so why would people be focused on them and not the more important issues?

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Transgender Restrooms/Equal Access