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The LGBT Community

Rei Vallier, Staff Reporter

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Many of the people in the U.S don’t fully understand the LGBT community, and are many genders and sexualities that many of them, you might not know.  Luckily, this article will try to explain what the community is.

First, genders are not determined by what’s in your pants or under your shirt, it’s all decided in your brain. Yes, it makes sense to sort people into the gender they were born with, but some people don’t want to be stuck with the gender they were given because everyone is born with a blank slate. Now, there are many different genders that have been open to everyone to choose from. For example, you can be a boy or a girl, the two people are most familiar with, but there’s so many more in between the two genders. Remember, gender is not a binary anymore, it’s a spectrum.

Sexualities are a little more complicated. There are two widely known attractions towards other people, – romantic attraction, and sexual attraction. These are two different things, one is just having feelings for someone, and no sex, and the other is what everyone is aware of. Some examples are aromantic, panromantic, biromantic, and so many more. Some sexual attractions are  pansexual, bisexual, homosexual, and heterosexual.

So many things are changing in this world, and most people don’t even know what’s actually evolving.

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The LGBT Community