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The Food of the Future of our Nation

Hunter Grogan, Staff Reporter

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junk_food_portail-svgEveryday Green Mountain High School’s food service serves about 211 lunches to the school’s 1,200 students, which amounts to about a tenth of all the students in GMHS.

The kitchen manager, Annette Cordova, reports that on a daily basis the school kitchen serves 44 chicken patties, 60 cheeseburgers, 66 chicken nuggets, 42 slices of sausage pizza, 48 slices of cheese pizza, and 128 slices pepperoni pizza. However, even with the various restrictions and requirements many students still believe the food they being served isn’t healthy.

When Marie Handy, a freshman, was asked if she believed food service’s claim that the food served was healthy she responded with a firm no. “I don’t think anyone does.” According to Handy, the only food she purchases and eats from the school is from the vending machines because of the fact she holds a certain distaste for the school lunches.

“I can’t even tell what the lunch is sometimes,” says Handy, “It just looks like slop.”

Nonetheless, food service adamantly contests their food is completely healthy.  

“If they [the food] were bad we wouldn’t be selling them,” says Cordova. Cordova goes on to explain that all food, even the snacks, must meet FDA requirements which limit consumption of fats, sodium, and other less-than-healthy

The pizza served in Green Mountain’s school lunches, a common day-to-day component of plenty of student’ school lunch, is produced by Blackjack, especially for schools. According to Cordova, Blackjack pizza served in schools is  made with “special” low fat cheeses and different, more healthful pepperonis and breads than served to a typical customer.

Nevertheless, reduced fat cheese is exempt from the total fats and saturated fats standard set by the Food and Nutrition Service, along with many other foods, although it is unclear whether Jefferson County mandates that pizza is considered a “combination food” in which reduced fat cheese is not exempt from the standards set by the Food and Nutrition Service.  

Cordova does concede on one point, though. “They [the pizzas] are greasy, it might be because of the pepperoni that they use,” says Cordova. “I would have to ask Blackjack.”

Whatever the truth may be if a tenth of Green Mountain High School students are eating school lunches every day, the “nation’s future” should hope they’re as healthy as is mandated.

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The Food of the Future of our Nation