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TJ Gutierrez

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Every Wednesday afternoon you can find DC enthusiasts debating about storylines, heroes and villains. Comic fans have been debating over which comic company is better: Marvel or DC. Some fans at Green Mountain have all sorts of different opinions about the matter.
Some people say that DC is better. Since Green mountain added a DC Club I tracked down a long-time fan about the perks and drawbacks of DC. “Their villains are so much cooler,” says Harley O’Keefe from the DC club. Harley went on to share that Batman has to deal with a lot more villains than your average superhero. Similarly, Superman is the most overpowered being on the planet so he has to have a couple of good supervillains. Harley says, “From what i’ve seen from their movies they both suck but I would say that Marvel has the better movies just because of their superheroes.” He also states that Batman vs Superman was an epic failure and team Flash rules.
Green Mountain freshman, Ivan Romero,shared his views on Marvel. Ivan likes “the whole concept [that] reality can change [and] the possibilities of creativity.” He also stated that Marvel built their whole concept about the real world and what `it would be like if superheroes and Gods actually existed. Ivan went onto say, “I like Marvel more because their superheroes are a little bit better except for Batman. Marvel’s movies are better because Marvel has a better opportunity to play out their movies than DC because Marvel has a broad point.” He stated that Marvel has way more well known characters than DC and that Marvel has shown their characters personality, relationships, and their stories through their movies and comics. In contrast, you have to know DC’s comics in order to understand their movies.
Even though many fans have their own perspective, some people can see Marvel’s and DC’s strengths and weaknesses. Either way, it gives all comic nerds hope and entertainment.

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