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3A and 3B A Change for The Better

Aiden Case, Editor/writer

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Hanging chads, ballots and a new president are all coming up on November 7, 2016. The president won’t take office until 2017 thank god but, the part of this year’s election I want to point out specifically is 3A and 3B for Denver/Jeffco schools. 3a and 3b are votes on this years ballot that will help the future of Colorado children and schools. But why is it so important? In order to answer that we must first learn what 3a and 3b is.

What is 3a? 3a is a mill levy or tax rate that will provide $33 million in operating expenses. This money will be used for things like continuing Jeffco’s commitment to education excellence by attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and support staff through a competitive compensation system; and providing students with the instruction, skills and hands-on learning necessary for success in college and the workplace, through the expansion of “STEM” programs (science, technology, math, and engineering), as well as arts, music and vocational programs; says By voting for 3a you are providing your children and other children a better future. By voting for 3a you are allowing teachers to keep the jobs that they’ve had for several years. By voting for 3a you are creating a better future for you and me an average student. But that not all I or anyone else wants we also want 3b.

What is 3b? Well 3b is a Bond for capital funding that will provide $535 million for long-term school costs. These funds would be used for security upgrades, 110 elementary, middle school, and high school upgrades such as gyms and better plumbing and much more needed repairs and improvements. Better utilization of district resources by expanding and equipping old and new school buildings, increasing classroom space and learning labs, and equipping and furnishing them. As well as equipping our schools with updated technology to ensure all Jeffco students have access to learning tools to better prepare them for college and the workforce. This will severly help all students including me an average student whom wants to go to college.

So please this year vote for 3a and 3b. It will help the future. You, me, and students alike. So that way in a few years we won’t have people like Trump or Hillary. It’s your vote that will change the state and it will be your vote to change the future. Please vote 3a and 3b it will help us all.

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3A and 3B A Change for The Better