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Some of us have wanted to find a school that isn’t just the traditional way of teaching. Out of all the high schools that are more traditional, we are the only school who has the academy program, and has had lots of people graduate and become very successful from the many pathways you can follow.

In this district, there are many different kinds of schools besides the traditional way. For example, there’s a small school in golden called Free Horizon Montessori (FHM.) Their way of teaching is so unique because of a woman named Maria Montessori, who thought of a new way of teaching that is more tangible than the school everyone else goes to. Instead of sitting at desks, you sit at tables and work as a group on different assignments. There, you are given so many different opportunities like internships and many different field trips like indoor skydiving, volunteering at the Jeffco Action Center, going to college for a day, and so much more. “This school is truly a place to find who you are and learn different traits of yourself and others. It’s like we’re all one big family.” Says Linda DeBruyn, the english and business teacher over at FHM. Unfortunately, this school only goes from Pre-K through 8th grade, but there’s GMHS to attend to for your high school years.

“Green Mountain High School (GMHS) is such an accepting community and from what I’ve seen, nobody cares.” Says Joey Ruppel, an assistant principal here at Green Mountain. Out of all the High schools in Jeffco, we have the academy program, so many great teachers who have so many unique teaching styles, and lots of time to explore your passions as a growing teeneger. GMHS has many different classes and electives you can take that some schools don’t offer like our own print shop where we make our own logos and print our own shirts to sell to the public. We also grow and sell our own basil in the agriculture class GMHS has to offer.

In the end, Jeffco has many schools with different ways to teach kids and give them different opportunities to grow and expand their horizons to new and amazing things for the future.

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Unique Schools