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Prom season is coming!

Aubre Martin

Aubre Martin

Ali'a Keliiholokai, Staff Reporter

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Dresses that cost too much and matching ties. As people excitedly get into their limos, making sure not to mess their hair up, they may take selfies with their friends. And after a long night of dancing and socializing, they’re invited to the well loved ‘After Prom,’ and enjoy tons of fun activities with all of their peers.

With the glitz and glamour of prom season coming up, upperclassmen are getting more and more antsy about the dance of the year: prom. As the date, April 8th, inches closer, one would expect more information about prom to be released. Of course, as with every dance, there is a degree of mystery, so, the real question is… what new information can we get about prom?

Let’s start with what we do know. Junior senate has been working on prom since their sophomore year. And according to the official prom facebook page, the highly anticipated theme was announced on a beautifully decorated card simply saying ‘Around the World.’ The venue will also be at the beloved Cable Center, a large building on the DU campus, from 8-11 pm.

“The venue is really different from all the others. It is beautiful and so spacious that everyone can party together,” said Junior Class President, Natalie Procop,“also, we have favors that will be a huge surprise, and hopefully everyone loves them.” Awesome! People raved for weeks about last year’s mason jar prom favors. Apparently, this year’s are going to be one of a kind.

“Decorations will be simple and elegant.” Said Jordan Woolums, Junior Class Vice President.  “The floor of the venue is a map of the world!” She continued, obviously excited. Last year’s prom with its enchanting forest decorum was a huge hit among students, so we can hope to expect bigger, and better things this year.

Some may recall the heart touching moment last year when a student was proposed to in the middle of the dance floor. When asked if we were to look forward to any other unexpected surprises this year, Procop explained, “ GM’s students always have surprises up their sleeves. We’ll see if anything happens. I’m sure it will be a very eventful and fun night,”

Be sure to buy your tickets through Jeffco Connect! Tickets will be begin sold the week after the spring dance for 60$ a pop, and 110$ for two up until April 1st. Then, if you wait a little longer, ticket prices will spike up to 75$ for one, and 130$ for two from April 2nd to the 8th. But, if you absolutely have to wait, you can buy tickets for 100$ each at the door. The prices are a bit higher than last years, however, I’m told that they’re well worth it. Also, make sure to vote for prom royalty. It’s always fun to see who gets crowned.

To stay updated, be sure to follow the Facebook page ‘Green Mountain Prom 2017.’ Prom is really sneaking up on us this year, so go on out and secure your suits and dresses before time runs out!

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Prom season is coming!