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The Leadership Conference

Hunter Grogan, Staff Reporter

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At Green Mountain high school we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to our standards of leadership. It’s not all talk either, after all, last year Green Mountain High School’s principal Colleen Owens was recognized by the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE) as Colorado’s Principal of the Year for 2016, “for her exceptional leadership and commitment to academic excellence.”  

In a move to promote this same leadership, Green Mountain runs a Leadership Conference annually in its halls, taking place this year on April 22nd. This year the Leadership Conference is being sponsored by Assistant Principal Joey Ruppel.

“The leadership conference is a conference where we invite students from second grade all the way up to eighth grade to participate in different workshops and listen to a keynote speaker to talk about how they can be a leader in all the different stages they might be in,” Ruppel says.

Joey Ruppel goes on to explain the different workshops being offered by the different groups in GMHS. For example, the National Art Honor Society will be having a workshop where they feature a community service project where they have the young students color in bookmarks, then lament those bookmarks, before selling them to make money for different non-profit organizations.

“This ties into being a leader through doing stuff for others and community, and it also gives the students a chance to do a fun little activity,” Ruppel states.

The Leadership Conference, which has been a regularly occurring event for two years, was run by GMHS’ student Senate. However, according to Ruppel, they’re something a little bit different.

Ruppel states that the 2017 Leadership Conference will be run by the Student Council, which takes representatives from all the student groups in GMHS, therein promoting leaders schoolwide.

The head of Leadership Conference will be Devin Snyder, as she is the interim president of Student Council, according to the assistant principal.

“The conference represents the students as leaders because they’re coordinating the event, talking with family members and community members, organizing structured activities that focus on various aspects of leadership skills,” Ruppel continues, “The students run it all, you know? They run it from the moment the kids walk to the moment the kids walk.”

“They’re giving these students opportunities to become leaders, and that’s really how you become a leader yourself,” Ruppel states.

Rupple estimates that there might be thirty to forty kids coming to this conference. This is thirty to forty kids in our community getting the skills needed to become leaders in their own right. Thirty to forty kids worth of “revenue” in entrance fees and workshops that will funnel much-needed funds back into our school and non-profits. And what a better way to become a leader than providing for your community?


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