Music demographics at Green Mountain

Vincent Gallegos, Writer

The music industry is surging with all kinds of music, from new age rap/hip-hop to rock and roll. With new rappers becoming big in the industry, many young fans have taken a liking to the music. But what’s the diversity like at gm?


At green mountain many people like music. Most people do though. GM has band and choir, but what about outside music? Kenneth Huynh, a freshman at green mountain, says that he enjoys older electronic music.

“I like The Beatles and The bee gees and other bands like Queen or Pink Floyd.”


Many other students have grown a liking to rap artists such as xxxtentacion and lil yachty. A lot of people don’t like them because they are “inaudible” or they have vulgar language. But many people at green mountain do prefer this new age. An estimated 40% or more have enjoyed this genre or a single song from this style. Despite that being the most significant music genre in today’s culture, many people still enjoy classics.


Many people enjoy the classics such as The Rolling Stones or ACDC. To adults, these bands may be mainstream, but many kids at gm and across the US enjoy them. Like Kenneth said earlier, he enjoys the older music. Many people do. Evan Blake, another green mountain student, says ” I enjoy all music a little bit except country. I hate that crap.”


Despite some kids leaning more towards one genre, there are some who are very diverse. Isaiah Virgil has a very different opinion on music tastes. He says he likes music from heavy metal to rap and hip-hop. He says he keeps an open mind when listening to new music and different genres.


All in all, what do all these demographics mean? Does it just show how different our school is? Or does it show that music does not define us but rather bring us together as a community?