Yes, workshop is a class to have.


Emily Hansen, Staff Reporter

Yes, we should have workshop by the ways it can help with our education. Around the school, people have said that workshop was helpful by the learning how to fill out forms for jobs and others learned what they could do to calm down from the massive pile of homework that someone has. Hailey says the reason why she likes workshop is because of the teacher she has. Others say like “The time is mostly just used as a study hall, […] with the occasional lesson.” Austin Bradberry. This time was made to help and study hall is a way to complete homework so you could do more at home or go to work and not stress about how much you have to do after your shift is over. Workshop has shown useful by the few weeks that someone has been in the class. It’s just what the person thought before actually doing workshop that causes so many people to go against it and not be willing to try it out. This class is something that everyone need to put in an effort to make this successful. It can’t be relied on the principle and everyone who made it, we need to show that we are willing to change and try something out for her. Lets come together and see how great workshop really is.