Review: It’s a Wonderful Life, the GMHS Fall Play


Michele Lehman

A theater Ram

Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

As the lights dimmed in the Green Mountain High theater, the room quieted, and a collective breath of fresh air exited the mouths of every single person in attendance. A spotlight shines out, illuminating the first actor on the stage. However, this show isn’t a Broadway production; this is It’s a Wonderful Life, the fall play for Green Mountain High School. But just because it isn’t on Broadway doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be. The play, beautifully choreographed and directed by Mrs. Amberg, has gathered acclaim from many different sources. Noah Moyer, a student at Lakewood High School, called the piece, “An amazing piece of work, with each actor playing their roles just as they should be in every production of the show.” The collective cheers at the end of the show don’t just illustrate how much the crowd enjoys the show; It also represents how much they love the actors. And the actors in the role don’t just play the characters; they make them feel real. Standout actors include Brandon Henry as George Bailey, Sam Meyer as Mr. Potter, and Joshua Triplett as Clarence Odbody. On the younger side of things, breakout performances from freshman Connor Burns and sophomore Izzy Bong as Mary Bailey stand out as rising stars in the theater program.

Saturday night seems sadly dull after watching the production. It seems that the food for thought gifted to the audience by the actors is something that is hard to find in many theatrical productions. There isn’t much one can say on how well rehearsed the production was. The actors seemed prepared for their roles. The only thing one could wish for is that the microphones were a little louder. Sitting at the back of the theater was a little bit hard to manage. However, if your only able to see one show this year, this would be the one. As an audience member said, “This is a show I would watch again.”