What Homework Application Should We Use?


Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

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Every day, technology becomes a larger and larger part of our lives. However, does that mean that technology is always beneficial?  Options are a great thing, but can you have too many options? Are great example are the platforms Green Mountain teachers use when handing out homework. With Google Classroom, Schoology, and CK12 playing a large role in how students plan their evening study habits, is there an option that works the best?

The problem that students seem to have is the lack of consistency that teachers use from day to day.  There is no single place to go to view all of our homework assignments, and certain teachers don’t even update the system at all.  It is easy to become unorganized and confused as to what is due on what day with the current system.  And we aren’t solving the issue by adding Chromebooks to the equation. In fact, we are in some ways adding complexity to an almost unsolvable problem and exasperating the situation.   I could walk around from class to class, and one teacher could use Google Classroom, and the next could not use tech at all. So the question is simple: What is the best school-based educational app?

To narrow down the discussion, it’s beneficial to discuss the three main options used at Green Mountain High School.  They consist of the teacher’s websites, Schoology, and Google Classroom. I have found that many teachers use a version of these three technological options. Although some combine technologies or use them only sparingly.  Taking data from Comparisons.finance online,  Schoology out placed Google Classroom with regards to total use. However, talking to Green Mountain students paints a different image when asked what they think. Daniel Sullivan, a freshman at GMHS, said that “Google Classroom is the better option overall,” citing that, “It is easier to use on the Chrome books, feels simpler, and is much cleaner than Schoology.” Among the people that I questioned, the view was similar. Overall, it seems that most freshmen prefer Google Classroom to Schoology.

With regards to the school website vs. Google Classroom. Truthfully, I don’t think this is an issue. Most teachers use both to help students with homework, and using the two together seems to be the best option.  However, it does require that students need to look in two places instead of one to find assignments.  Most teachers who use this method also post some of their notes online, which also makes it easier for kids needing help on schoolwork, but it would be great to be able to combine the two technologies.

Overall, I feel that the school could do best by reviewing their options and seeing what they need versus what they don’t. Ultimately there are pros and cons to all options, but consistency will be the key.  Until then confusion and lack of clarity will continue.  Students and the world around them are changing, and until we learn what works best for us, we will always be using all three of these options. However, when that moment comes, I know that many of the kids using this technology will know if the school made the right decision.