Swimming Season is Starting


Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

The first sounds you heard when you entered the pool at Green Mountain Recreational Center were screams and shouts, cries and laughs, and the splashes of the pool as the girls battled it out in the Medley Relay. The final swimmer jumped in, and just as the race ended, it was apparent that the race was in between two teams, one from GMHS, and the other from Columbine High, both racing to the finish. Green Mountain would cross the line victorious.


This wasn’t a one-time occurrence either; Green Mountain seemed to be a fighting force in the water. As one parent from Columbine said, “They are really good this season.” And it isn’t. The GMHS team seemed to rock the swim meet, only beat in numbers in some events. Standout swimmers were the GMHS freshman medley relay team, which won their heat, which was made up of Emma Berg, Taryn McGraw, Rachel Warren, and Megan Cooper. Summer Olson stood out in the 400 meter as the only GMHS contender, coming in third overall for the race. While these were memorable performances, GMHS as a whole seemed to deserve a callout for their performances that night.


On the diving side of things, GMHS seemed dominant all but in numbers. Emily Cruz and Emily Graham were our two drivers for this event, and both stuck every dive, at least from the crowd’s view. Cruz seemed dominant on the diving board, pulling off maneuvers that some diving teams would consider impossible. I was able to sit down with Mr. Adams, the diving team coach, to discuss their performance, saying “They were two brand new divers, and it was great to see them learning the ropes and performing well. We are going to have a great season this year!”


GMHS Swim and Dive is one that everyone should be watching out for this year. The dominant force in swimming is definitely back, and as Mr. Adams said, they are going to have a great season this year, in both swim and dive. Don’t be surprised to see girls racing at state, representing Green Mountain.