Differences in schooling between Finland and America

Vincent gallegos, Staff reporter

We are all used to the American customs in today schooling. Somewhere different and some are right at home. But compared to European is going how different is it? Comparing schools from Finland in America, there is a lot of differences and similarities some being major some not.

Starting with the differences there are plenty. For starters colleges free! You can go through college and get a degree for free. This is good for many reasons. Many kids come out of college I’m debt here in America. An estimated 44 million to be exact. That is a crazy Number! In total Americans 1.45 trillion in student loans. The catch is that you have to be accepted in the schools so make sure you are prepared going there.

Another amazing difference is the times. School starts at around 8 to 9 and ends at 1 to 2. Not much different than here but that gives you more time do you to do things like homework and study. The classes last about 45 minutes each class and there’s about 25 classes a week. In Finland they call the classes lessons.

In Finland the students don’t wear uniforms though. In fact some kids anymore shoes! A lot of the schools have lounge areas with fireplaces and chairs. There are no attorney bills so you have to be on time to your classes, and with these amazing times and lounges it might be hard to remember when you have to go and keep track of time.

There are t much differences that we have here that is worth mentioning other than off periods and study halls. And similarities there is a lot basic ones. We all go through the week and leave and live our lives. Not much different.

So if you ever think about leaving schools, consider packing your bags to Finland and learning there.