Repealing Net Neutrality

Isaiah Virgil, Managing Editor

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moved forward with plans to reverse the Obama’s administration net neutrality regulations.


The rules currently in place regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from favoring their own services or providing a “Fast Tunnel” to other companies for a fee. Ajit Pai the current Federal Communications Commission chairman appointed by President Donald J Trump plans to “repeal the heavy-handed internet regulations”.


So what even is net neutrality? Net neutrality States that Internet Service Providers like Comcast must treat all legal data equal despite where it’s coming from and who. In other words, internet service providers are not allowed to skew what customers want to view on the internet. With net neutrality in place, internet service providers are not permitted to block or slow down websites.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai plans to repeal “Obama Era” net neutrality regulations by a vote of FCC commissioners to take place on December 14th. According to a Vice interview with Ajit Pai, he states the with net neutrality “The concept itself is so amorphous” meaning the idea of net neutrality is vague. Pai is being called a “Freedom Destroyer” and threatened for his role to plan to repeal net neutrality.


An interview conducted with one of Green Mountain High School students Nate Miller stated: “I don’t approve, I don’t like it because they can choose what I can view and it’s just not right”.


Approximately 27 senators have pushed for the vote repealing net neutrality to be postponed, because of the public docket held about net neutrality was flooded by fake comments posted by “bots” pushing for the repeal.


So how will this impact you? If the FCC votes on repealing net neutrality this could mean higher prices for the consumers. As with cable packages you may also see “bundles” for internet services for specific websites or applications. This could be a major turning point and is already causing a major uproar.

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