Sport Spotlight: High School Snowshoe Running


Photo By Rachel Pokrandt

Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

In our continuing sports series, I have focused mainly on activities that most student may know, or at least have a basic understanding of the fundamentals. This week, however, I have found a competition that probably isn’t on anyone’s radar. The exciting high school sport of Snowshoe Running is having its annual state championship on February 10th in Leadville Colorado.
Snowshoe running is an odd sport, but also one with a long and interesting history. Originally created thousands of years ago, these devices were used to cross the Bering Land Bridge. However, the traditional snowshoe was created by the American Indians, Over the years, the snowshoe would become shorter. In the late 1970s, the racing discipline would take root as snowshoes became lighter using alloys found in rocket ships. These days modern technology has rapidly evolved with many now weighing below 300 grams, much less than some shoes!
Sadly, Snowshoe Racing in not a CHSAA certified sport in Colorado, but that doesn’t stop some friendly and spirited competition. In fact, GMHS fielded a team a while ago, according to Coach Clint Boston, the head coach of the Cross Country team and one of the coaches of the Track and Field team. And the title still qualifies as a “state championship” and is a badge of honor for many distance athletes. The competition is open to experienced and inexperienced runners so anyone can join in. And with a registration fee of only $10, it won’t break the bank!