Why are hats not allowed in schools?

Vincent Gallegos, Staff Reporter

Don’t you hate it when you’re having a bad hair day and you just want to wear a hat to school and cover up your head, but as soon as you get in you get yelled at? Yeah, that sucks. But why are schools so strict on wearing hats in school?


Probably the biggest argument for schools is how you can conceal weapons in them. Sure it would be easy to hide a weapon in your hat, even easier with the ones with the pockets. But what they need to ask themselves is, Is it Ideal to hide it there? You can hide weapons somewhere else on your body that can conceal it better and it would be more ideal. So why isn’t their restrictions on Jackets or long sleeves? The pockets of clothing make it so much easier to hide weapons and even drugs.


I asked a couple people on their thoughts on the situation and the responses I recived were expected.


A non hat wearer but pro hat enthusiast says ¨I think you can hide a weapon easier in a backpack and or a pocket. To me, a hat-wearing person poses no threat to me.¨


Another thing people think that hats are for is so gangs can have “symbols”, but it’s just stupid. Gangs can where colors just as bright on their t-shirt as they could a hat. Sure it could be easy for people to hide their faces from the camera but really that’s the only valid argument, and to be honest, they can be identified by other articles of clothing or accessories.


The fact that they are distractions is true but other things like cell phones and toys like fidget spinners do the same exact thing, distract. So shouldn’t schools ban these things too?


I asked another student Daisy Miranda if hats are a distraction to her. She said, “ hats don’t distract me when I wear them I wear it cause it looks good and it keeps my hair out of my face.”


All in all, if schools applied the same terms they do to hats to other things, then technically we would be breaking rules by using things like phones and even wearing some clothes.