Tips for being a better driver

Vincent Gallegos, Staff reporter

We all start driving at one point. And there’s lots of things that your car will come with that you probably don’t know about. Here’s some tips so you can be a better and safer driver on the road.

So to start off you want to be able to read your gauges accurately. If you’re driving down the road and you see a light and you haven’t seen it before It’s recommended that you get it checked out. The lights and gauges range from your tire pressure to your fuel. You don’t want to head out on the road with low tire pressure because it’s very dangerous. So make sure you read your owner’s manual and know the dash.

So depending on what you drive, whether its a manual or an automatic there is different things you can do to stay safe. So if you’re in a manual make sure that when you are parked that you leave the car in gear when parking it. This is in addition to the handbrake but its gonna stop the car from rolling away.

I asked a student that just started driving if they know of any helpful tips that they have for someone beginning driving as well and they told me that “Some cars have little notches on the steering wheel. You are supposed to put your hands on those, so the airbag doesn’t go off and trap your hands there.”

Hand placement is vital in driving because if you have your hands in the wrong place and you crash, then you might not have full control of the car. Keeping your hands at 9 and 3 is the best place to keep them so you have full control, and so that you can steer properly.

The next thing you can do is steering properly. The technique you are supposed to use is called hand to hand feed, and it can seem obnoxious. But if you do it right you will be safe and making correct turns. If you cross your arms over the wheel, the airbag can go off and injure you. But if you do the feeding technique then you will be safe. Also it will be easier to turn as you wont over correct the turn and go off the road or into another lane.

And one last big thing when driving is to adjust accordingly. Make sure that when the weather is bad or if you’re sick or injured that you adapt to the situation and drive safe. In bad weather drive slower and Make sure that you car is up to par on the basics such as good tires and windshield wipers.

Always be sure to be a good drover on the road as there are many distractions and dangers that can hurt you. Hopefully these techniques can help beginner drivers out on the road for the first time, be safe.