The Spotlight: The GMHS Vice Principals- An Introduction


Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

The Spotlight series has focused mostly on sports in the past, highlighting somewhat unknown activities that GMHS students can participate in. However, I felt it was time to expand this series to fit other aspects of our school, starting with a group of people most students don’t know much about. The Assistant Principals are a group of school administrators who deal with many aspects of the school, and in some ways, are one of the largest driving forces in keeping the school running. Without this group, GMHS would most likely not be what it is today.


The Four Assistant Principals are:


Tommy Craig

Autumn Sereno

Dr. Lisa Trujillo

Derek Van Tassel- Dean of School


The goal of this series is to highlight each of our Assistant Principals and all the work they do for our school, but also help students recognize them and become familiar with them. Without these assistant principals, there probably wouldn’t be Green Mountain High School. If students can get to know these administrators, the hope is that students will be able to interact and help keep the school growing.

Stay tuned for The Spotlight: The GMHS Assistant Principals starting in the upcoming weeks.