Green Mountain’s Newest Class- Honors STEM

Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

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Most People have probably not heard about the newest addition to the STEM academy roster due to its relatively new status at the school. Honors Stem, an elective that could be offered as a core science class next semester, is quite important and exciting due to its status as the newest class on the roster, but also due to the end of year competition the class’s students will be competing in this semester. The class will be competing in the Red Rocks Community College High School Design Competition and will be hoping to win the whole event if they can. Students in the top three can earn up to a 2,500 dollar scholarship each, along with new technological gear and other devices.


However, a bigger question to ask is what actually the class covers. Honors Stem is a freshman class that includes topics of all ranges in the STEM program, including Computer Programming, Engineering, electronic circuits, soldering, and other topics. Ryan Weigel, a student in Honors Stem, explains the class as, “A really amazing opportunity; Honors STEM is probably teaching students the most useful skills out of any of class.” The class focuses around using technology and the world around us to harness all aspects of the STEM program and use it to create a better world. However, this still doesn’t help us understand the actual competition. 


Students competing in the RRCC High School Design Competition will be trying to create a device which can power a device of their choosing. Students use everything they have learned in the first semester to help make a device in any way possible, using any type of power. in Andrew’s words, another student in the class, “The goal is to use the skills we learn and apply them to this final project.”


Overall, the Honors Stem class is an exciting new addition to the school which should be quite exciting for students. Stay tuned to see how GMHS does in competition and watch out for the class next year on the schedule.

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