Lead in GM’S water

Vincent Gallegos, Staff reporter

Now as many of you guys might know the water in GM has a biological filter that cleans out excise chlorine and led and other bad chemicals in the water. But how good is the water?


In some science classes there are specific warnings saying that the water is unsafe and that you should not drink it and not use the water unless your washing something. But how do we know that the pipes that lead to those toxic sinks are not being used in the water in our drinking fountain?


On occasion if you look at the testing lights it will switch over to red and yellow. Many people at this school are on food stamps or on free and discounted lunch and they need anything that the school can offer for free. So why do we have unsafe water in the drinking fountains? I myself and many other of my friends have drank out of the drinking fountain and then looked up and realized that that water was on yellow or red. This disgusted me and I was mad that the school did not bother to have a sign that said not safe to drink. The water indicator for it showing if it is clean or not also is very unreliable because it can go to red one minute and green the next. How can we trust that the water in our building is safe? Well we can always do daily water test and show the kids that it is safe and when it isn’t you can always put a signup that says it.


There’s lots of cases where lead has been found in water all around the country. Some people Believe conspiracies where schools do it on purpose but that’s probably not true. But this lead is dangerous and lots of consumption can harm you. In kids it can harm their growth development.


So I think we as students and our parents need to help stop this stuff so we dont drink it and can be healthy.