Should teachers be armed in schools?

Vincent gallegos, Staff reporter

One of the big topics among people in the us in 2018 is if teachers should have guns. With all the shootings and people protesting it’s a hot topic and people are mad. But if the teachers were trained and had background checks would people feel safe or no?

Many people claim that they would feel safer if their teachers had guns in the classroom, but with that many people disagree and don’t want guns even remotely close to a school. But that is really the right way?

President Donald trump thinks it’s a good idea to arm teachers. But not just teachers,”specially qualified “ school personnel. Arming these individuals can protect so many lives in the case of another tragedy and many people would feel safer. Sometimes the cop that is assigned to the school isn’t enough.

A student at green mountain that wants to remain anonymous says “ I would feel much more secure and safe I my school during these times if I knew that my teacher was armed. I trust most of them and in the event I would have to trust them with my life.” That’s says a lot about that person and a lot of people agree with them.

But what’s about about having guns in classrooms is that people might not trust the teacher if one day they just flip out. Some parents are concerned that a student may get a hold of the firearm. Obviously those are big issues but the school could just issue some really good safes.

Another student Says that if teachers were armed she wouldn’t feel as safe. A lot of people would agree with her but the teachers would be trained and have thorough background checks. But the students comfort is probably priority because they can’t learn if they don’t feel safe.

So kids are gonna fight for these rights depending on what they believe by walking out and protesting.