Time Warp

Kaya Betlach, staff reporter

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As time changes so do the people, actions, entertainment, and culture. There has been such a shift in the generation before the millennials, Gen X, and the current generation Gen Y. The generation before us was known to grow up with music like Backstreet Boys, Insync, and Spice Girls; they had jelly shoes and MTV still played music. Flash forward to 2007, the first I-Phone was released, fringy stringy bangs were all the rage, and velour tracksuits finally on their way out. Spring forward 20 more years, 2017, an I-phone 6 is lame, gender is non-binary, chockers are seen on every girl at Coachella, velvet is on a steady uptake, and fishnets are stringing the legs of girls everywhere. But how did so much change? Do people still have the same values? Well yes, but they are interpreted differently by everyone different. ” The way my parents think of who I am is so different from who they were. It can cause us to disagree on so many core values to me that aren’t necessary to them. I almost wonder if I was with them while they were teenagers would we all have even gotten along.” Quotes like this by trendy upbeat teen likes like Amber Miller show that even though trends from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are appearing more and more there is an even bigger gap between the X and Y generations than ever before. The change in technology has shown and highlighted the gap between who we are as a culture than ever before. Parents didn’t grow up with the overall access to unlimited information and social media like the new kids have. As a whole students and teenagers have an entirely new world than the people before us. These differences cause separations of who parents were and who their children are.

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