The Spotlight: Dr. Trujillo

Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Staff Reporter

In our ongoing series “Meet your Assistant Principals”, we are talking with five of these essential educators and learning what brought them to GMHS, what their roles are, and what they enjoy most about the school.  We will continue the series with Dr. Trujillo, one of the assistant principals at GMHS. Staff reporter Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos was able to sit down with her for a few minutes to learn more about the administrator.


  1. How long have you been at GMHS?


A: I came to Green Mountain High School when Ms. Owens started, so around 7 years.


Q: How did you get into teaching?


A: I was really inspired by my high school calculus teacher. She was amazing, and she also inspired me to go into teaching math. After graduating from UNC with a degree in math, I taught math for 9 years at Drake Middle School. After that, I started working in administration at Dunstan Middle School, where I was an assistant principal. I was an assistant principal there for around 9 years, but I then moved to Lasley Elementary, where I was an assistant principal for around two years. I didn’t enjoy working with elementary school students as much as I liked working with high schoolers, so I then moved here!


Q: What are your roles and duties as an assistant principal?


A:  we all kind of have our different niches. I really work as the scheduler. Thus, the board! (pictured above) Due to this role, it is my job to make sure every student has the schedule of their dreams. Many would actually be surprised to know that this process is really year round, with most of the scheduling really starting in November. This includes figuring out all the new classes we are starting, how they fit in with the older classes. We then start figuring out what we really need. How many teachers and classes, that sort of thing. This also includes what to do if a teacher is leaving for whatever reason, but also if we need to hire new teachers or if teachers are returning to GMHS. I work closely with the counselors to figure all that out in many cases.


Q: What is your favorite thing about GMHS?


A: I would have to say the kids. The vibe here is just amazing and special. It is respectful, but also fun, and while bad things may happen, most of the kids here really enjoy being with each other and hanging out. We kinda have cliques, but they bleed into each other, allowing the kids to really intermingle and participate in many different things. There are theater kids, but those students also are athletes, allowing the two groups not to be separate, but together in many ways. There is just something about a ram!


Q: What is something you enjoy doing in your free time?


A: I really enjoy spending time with my two cats and my husband, who plays hockey. I also love baking and cooking, and I bring my creations to school often to share with teachers. I also enjoy relaxing after a hard day of scheduling.


Q: What is one thing that you would like the students to know about you?


A: I would like them to know that my door is always open. I’m always willing to help them out and bend over backward for them in a pinch. If we need to make something happen for you, whether that be to get them into a class or to be more flexible, we are here to help.


(Thank you so much to Dr. Trujillo for willing to be interviewed. We at the newspaper are very thankful and hope that this piece can help students get to know Dr. Trujillo as well as all the Assistant Principals. Thank you for reading!)