It Takes a Village

Rylee Matson

This year at Green Mountain High School a special opportunity is being made available for 70 students in the Geometry in Construction program. Geometry in Construction is an alternative math class to the traditional setting, throughout the program, students will apply what they learn on the math side to the construction site. At the end of the school year, students should complete a modular house, for Habitat For Humanity.
It takes a village to be able to build a house. The planning of the house for Green Mountain has been in action since February of 2018 when Principal Owens hired Scott Burke, to help run the program alongside Tracey Csavina. GIC is building the house right here at the school in the overflow parking lot.
Before the students began working on the house there, was preparation needed beforehand. The students in the program painted their classroom from using the skills they learned in math, by making paint estimates. It took about a month to paint to the outside of the classroom located next to the construction site. The first nails were hammered in on November 1st, 2018 by the students in periods five and six, alongside Jefferson County Superintendent Dr. Glass. We’re very fortunate to be given the opportunity to have this amazing program here at Green Mountain.