How would you change our school?

Avery Unbehagen

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Ask any student you pass in the hallway and they’ll have at least one complaint about the school or how it’s run. While most of these complaints are brushed off, some are valid and deserve to be considered, and the students even offer good solutions to these problems.

Seniors Sage Mench and Alex Vargas-Pugh agree that lunch isn’t quite long enough, and that it is “too crowded.” Sage suggests extending lunch from a half an hour to 45 minutes, as well as having “separate lunches for upper- and lower-classmen. Or do 9th and 11th grades for one lunch and then 10th and 12th for the second to reduce parking lot traffic.”

Senior Zoe Piro points out that GM has been standing for about 45 years and the building isn’t doing it’s best anymore. She is happy about the 14 million coming to our school thanks to 5A and 5B being passed, but argues  that “we need so much more to actually make it a reliable structure.” Zoe also brings up the lack of teachers for all classes “but especially AP, because it isn’t fair for the students who really do want to learn to be packed in a classroom like sardines with 30 other kids.”

Many students aren’t fans of the library lunch passes, saying that they shouldn’t have to rush out of their 4th period class to make it to the library before all the passes are gone, just to have access to the materials in there. While the idea and motivation behind the passes was completely understandable, they have burdened our students in more ways than one. Such as forgetful students, like myself, who forget about assignments until just before they’re due and need the library, or the computers in it, to successfully complete their task, but are then denied entry just because they didn’t get there in time, thus not allowing them to complete their assignment and be forced to either take a zero, or skip the class so their grade doesn’t suffer.

Senior Leslie Krajewski took a different path and noted the cafeteria’s lack of healthy options. She would like for the school to have healthier options for lunch and snacks, “because when you have a good diet and are understanding of your health you can get better grades and have a better mood.” Leslie also would like to add more physical activities throughout the day, like standing up more during class, on long block days doing some stretches or going for quick walks.” Sophomore Zoe Hafner agrees, saying ¨I feel like we should have brain breaks… because I feel like you need to reset every so often, sitting in a classroom for an hour and a half on block days is just a really long time.¨

The students of Green Mountain High School have many valid complaints and issues with the school and how it’s run. They also offer many solutions, however they also argue that student input groups, such as Ramcouncil actually need to be considered when making changes around the school, a senior who would prefer to remain anonymous states that “they’re basically just a front to make us think we have input.”

Overall, the students would like for their voices to be heard. One student even suggested allowing students to vote on things that part of the 14 million would go towards in the school.