GM DECA: Buffalo Stampede Invitational


Raniya Digankar, Staff Reporter

The DECA season has begun yet again for Green Mountain High School. DECA is a competition-based club that prepares high school students to become leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management careers. A DECA competition involves a written component (a 100 question exam) and an interactive component (roleplaying) with a professional serving as a judge of the competition. According to Mr. Davis, DECA sponsor, “DECA should be a requirement for all kids to graduate since it’s an investment in their future. DECA helps kids get prepared for the real world and teaches them essential 21st-century skills.”

On a more personal note, this will also be my second year participating in DECA, and I can guarantee that the experience is worth it! DECA has been, and will always be, a highlight of my high school experience, one which I will remember and be grateful for.

There are various events held by a variety of schools and universities to help DECA students prepare for the District Conference. GM DECA is participating in five conferences this year; the Buffalo Stampede Invitational, DU Invitational, CSU Invitational, Beaver Creek Invitational, and District Conference at Johnson & Wales University. Hopefully, the team can make change that number to seven with qualifiers to the State and National Conferences! This Saturday, all the first-year DECA students went to the Buffalo Stampede Invitational and had a great experience. GM DECA had three first-time winners in Kenneth Huynh, Ayden Fearn, and Weiland Kurt.
I spoke with one of the winners, Kenneth Huynh, about his first experience in DECA. He stated, “My time during Buffalo Stampede can be summed up in two words, unexpected triumph. As a first-timer in DECA and as the first one out of the GMHS DECA group to do their scenarios, I was terribly nervous and jittery due to the fact that I didn’t really know how this would work out. This inexperience created a sort of fog of war which all dissipated after finishing both my scenarios. The first scenario prepared me for the second one, thereby setting up what I believed at that time as a pretty strong performance for my first showing, but I doubted that I could actually take home a medal. Then, after an agonizing hour or so, the awards ceremony began. the tension in the GMHS section became higher and higher in the crowded assembly room, growing exponentially as Weiland and Ayden both received their medals. I however, resigned myself to mediocrity thinking that the whole ceremony was just taking up my time for other activities, since I could not have possibly even broken into the top 6 in my section. Then, low and behold the world stopped as my name popped up on the projected screen, a name that was surprisingly not on the very bottom of the list, but instead, at the very top! In a split second I was bombarded with congrats and handshakes, and at that moment, I knew DECA was for me.” It seems that Kenneth’s first experience was truly special, and one he won’t forget for years to come.

DECA is truly one of the most fun clubs at GMHS and one that will prepare students for their coming years. Hopefully, DECA sees a handful of new members in the coming years!