The Spinphony Concert


Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

With a setlist that reads like an eighties cover band, audience members embarked on an adventurous evening to decide if Spinphony was a string quartet or a rock band. When Spinphony posed the question on the night September 26th, the majority said they were a rock band, which Spinphony was pleased to hear. Dressed up in Green Mountain black and gold, the four female members, Brett, Anna, Michaela, and Kari started the night off with their high energy, “UpTown Fifth”, a mash-up of the popular “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Beethoven’s Symphony Number 5. The concert was full similar mashups, with some highlights being “Smooth Concerto” (Smooth Criminal), “Don’t Stop Beethoven” (Don’t Stop Believin’), and “Meditation from Jude” (Hey Jude). Green Mountain’s Chamber Orchestra joined them for the last two pieces, “Viva la Nachtmusik” (Viva la Vida) and “Toccatastruck” (Thunder). The group played for almost two hours, and impressively this high energy quartet memorizes all of their music along with choreography.

In addition to being entertainers,  Spinphony also teaches. Prior to the concert, Spinphony held a workshop for both the GM Chamber Orchestra and Strings. In the workshop, students got tips on how to improve their playing skills and how to proceed with a life in music as well as entrepreneurship. Even though it was just hours before the concert, Spinphony changed parts of the pieces, showing students they can use their own creativity to improve the sound of a piece. At the very end of the workshop, there was a Q&A session. During this time, students heard many stories about the group’s business and funny on stage moments. Zoey van Hest, a Freshman cello player in Chamber Orchestra, said that, “it was a wonderful experience to learn about music and careers in music.” When Spinphony described their college experiences, one of the band members, Brett Omara explained, “it’s not about the big-name college, it’s about getting yourself out there”  all of the band members went to colleges that told them that they had two options: either become a soloist or to play in an orchestra. However, Spinphony is proof that the mold can be broken and that there is no set path. Spinphony’s members are not only trailblazing entrepreneurs but role models for creating the job and future you want.