GMHS Clubs: Behind the Scenes


EPC – Event Planning Committee – is a club at GMHS that is in charge of planning and setting up for various school events such as Homecoming, Trick-or-Treat Street, and Prom. While planning each of these events, the students in EPC are divided into various groups that are in charge of different parts of the event. For example, during Homecoming, groups are in charge of either the parade, the assembly, or the games and activities that are available after the parade. Though the club is a fun and interactive experience, it does involve some sacrifices: many of the events require mandatory attendance and being there both to set up and to tear down, which can involve being at the school until midnight in some cases. A member needs to have 30 hours in total at the end of the year in EPC. However, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices, and it is an amazing leadership experience to be a part of. In the words of Karissa Mayer, “The club is sometimes a challenge, but we work through it together.”


The GMHS Mock Trial club is a fun way for aspiring attorneys, judges, and others who are interested in the law to learn more about our justice system as well as get hands-on experience. Participants in the club are assigned the roles of witnesses and attorneys, and have weekly meetings that are spent reviewing the year’s case and practicing giving direct and cross-examinations, responding to questions, and practicing objections. The culmination of the club is when the participants present their case against opposing teams at the Jefferson County Courthouse in front of a judge and a jury, who will determine the winners of each round and whether or not the teams advance through the tournament. Although it can be quite nerve-wracking to present the case in front of a judge while adhering to the legally correct terms and rules of Mock Trial, it is worth the stress and is an incredible experience to have whether or not you intend to pursue a career in law. 


The GMHS DECA club is a competition based club that prepares high school students to be emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management careers. The DECA competition involves a written component (100 question exam) and an interactive component (role play) with a professional serving as a judge. The members participate in five to six conferences every year. For example, the Buffalo Stampede Invitational, DU Invitational, CSU Invitational, Beaver Creek Invitational, and District Conference. If the students do well in Districts they can qualify for the State and National Conferences. Although this club may seem to be a little intimidating since there is a high level of presentation skills required, the experience will prepare you for your coming years. In the words of Kenneth Huynh, “My experience in DECA so far can be summed up in two words, unexpected triumph.”


ALST – Academy Leadership Student Team – is a club at GMHS that works directly with teachers, administrators, counselors, and the GM community to help promote and educate about the academy program at GMHS. Members will be academy role models that represent the current academy model and make worthwhile for incoming students. In the club, members will be able to refine their communication and leadership skills. As an ALST member, you will be meeting regularly with an academy leader for meetings and help with a variety of events such as Showcase and Student Shadowing. A member will need 50 hours in total at the end of the year in ALST. Overall, ALST is a great club to join if you are passionate about the GMHS Academy Program and want to help it grow.