Test Stress


Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

Test Stress


Into the night they work,

In the corners the shadows smirk,

Collecting tax as if a clerk,

But surely testing wouldn’t come without a perk


An endless pain,

Summer brings a false gain,

In time school will come back and drain,

But surely it helps a students’ brain


Stress comes in without knocking,

Fears creep closer – stalking,

The voices in their heads start mocking,

But surely there’s something shocking


Perhaps a fact to save testing,

A reason to keep teenagers from resting,

A statement to show that this isn’t just jesting,

But surely if there weren’t there would be protesting


Lamps on at midnight,

Eyes redder than a knights’ might,

Students make their way to school despite,

But surely there’s something all right


Surely there’s an upside to outweigh,

Something to keep the tears at bay,

For students feel like prey,

But surely schools shouldn’t take them away


After all accepting responsibility would be strange,

Society doesn’t change,

Increasing the spread of modern day mange,

But surely there could be an exchange


An exchange of information,

Students could get a liberation,

Students could find their vocation,

But surely they’re better off drowning in a preset obligation


Testing demands more than students can give,

Students are trying to find out how to live,

But they get caught up in something that makes them misgive,

But surely there is a reason to forgive


To forgive for the pain caused by testing,

The stress and late nights from testing,

The tears while studying for endless testing,

But surely there is a positive other than schools looking good from students testing


However there isn’t


Yet they work into the night when they should be having fun,

When they should be talking about how they hit a home run,

Or they should be spending precious time with a loved one,


The night lingers on,

So the students keep going until every single one has gone.