Lights, Camera, Action!

The theater programs many opportunities as well as their hard work and determination.

Eric Chapman, Staff Reporter

Have you ever been interested in acting? Have you ever wanted to perform something on stage that many would like to see? Then the theater program may just be it for you. The theater program at GMHS is a great thing and has many opportunities for you to perform on stage and show your true skill! Ms. Amberg is a public speaking and theater teacher and the sponsor of the Theater Club here at GMHS. Ms. Amberg puts tons of hours into this program and truly challenges the actors by making them practice over and over again daily. Sometimes they will practice lines or segments for hours just to get them perfect and make sure that they are just right for the audience to enjoy. I had a talk with Ms. Amberg about the theater program as well as some of the perks of joining the theater program or in fact just going out and watching a play.

During the talk with Ms. Amberg, I asked a variety of questions like ¨Do you think that theater is a good way to get out there and to show your true talent¨? Ms. Amberg’s response was “Yes, because whether you are either performing or working on stage crew to make a show and it makes the world better because it is spreading positivity that is, in the end, helping out the world even if it is just by a little.” Ms. Amberg is right, according to many of the students that I have talked to whether they are stage crew or if they are actors, they all agree that being in a play is truly a great thing because of all the opportunities that come to you and how you can spread happiness and improve the world even if it is just in the smallest ways. I then asked Ms. Amberg if she would recommend people joining the theater program as well as the benefits that joining the theater program has for a person. Ms. Amberg’s response was “ Yes because you get to be a part of a community that cares about you as well as your school and you will get to make tons of long term friends that you have a lot of similar traits with. The final question that I asked Ms. Amberg about with the theater program at GMHS is if she would recommend people going to view a play, how much the entry is for a person who would like to go see a play, where the GMHS plays are located, as well as when is the next play and what will be the name of it? Ms. Amberg said “ Yes I would recommend going to a play and that the tickets are $10 and you can buy them at the door at the school auditorium where the plays are located or you can buy them online” Link to buy the tickets online will be at the bottom of this article. Ms. Amberg also mentioned that the next play will be on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of November and the play will be the Flanagan – Hilton long beach resort. The theater program is quite an interesting one with many opportunities that can benefit you as well as benefit others by spreading happiness by providing entertainment for people. The program is always open for new talent and though I am not a member, I would for sure recommend that you join and become a part of the family known as the GMHS theater program.

Buy tickets for the Flanagan – Hilton long beach resort here: