Pursuit for Perfection


Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

A constant pressure to be right,

All odds against them an endless fight,

Darkness envelops the mind killing all light,

Leaving those in battle consumed by night

The urge to fix all that is wrong,

The misplayed note in a song,

Trying to find a place where they belong,

They continue to drag themselves along

A goal more impossible than keeping in the tide,

With more time they will go farther across the divide,

With time the damages will be amplified,

More turns in the cycle the less that get clarified

The pursuit for perfection is an endless quest,

There is no avail trying to be the best,

It only makes them more stressed,

Feeling like a letter without an address

The struggle to make everything the same,

When they can’t make everything “perfect” they feel shame,

As if them being human is something they need to disclaim,

Walking down an endless path they will never win this game

They find themselves in an endless fall,

Any imperfections fill them with appall,

Endless debate, endless brawl,

They try and try but there’s no point trying to scale this infinite wall

But why do they feel the need to go against the norm of being “flawed”?

Why do they continue if all they get is clawed?

What makes them not step back and be awed?

Especially when life is perfect and doesn’t need a mod

But still they focus on all the unsound,

The anger inside builds up until they get run into the ground,

They burn out, tired of being wound,

They wonder if they will ever not feel the pursuit for perfection – if they will ever be crowned

Life is a beautiful sight,

Life is a glorious soaring flight,

Life’s imperfections make everything more bright,

The differences in everything build up to delight.