GMHS Clubs: Behind the Scenes


Madeline Spragins and Raniya Digankar

Although Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is not a GMHS-sponsored club, the Foothills Cadet Squadron meets at GMHS every Wednesday in the Library. CAP’s mission, according to its official website, is to “transform youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders.” Cadets meet for two hours once a week, as well as one Saturday per month. Though uniforms and military customs and courtesies are an important part of cadet life and are required, no military commitment is necessary (though around 10% of USAFA cadets started with the CAP program). Cadets must complete one task in each element of cadet life (leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character), and cadets must pass a written exam to advance in the rankings. This permits them to receive promotions, gather new responsibilities, and receive awards. The CAP program is also open to adult volunteers, who can help to provide emergency services, such as search and rescue, disaster relief, humanitarian services, and can also aid the U.S. Air Force while still remaining a civilian. Overall, the cadet program is a great way to gain leadership skills, stay in shape, and even learn to fly. If you are interested in a military career, Civil Air Patrol is the perfect way to set that plan in motion. 

GMHS has recently added a new club to its list, the I.D.E.A. club, The I.D.E.A club stands for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness. This club aims to empower our school community on issues of diversity by promoting awareness and fostering a more inclusive environment for everyone. Involvement in this club leads to an increase in promoting student empowerment and leadership skills. In addition, learning about various cultures that we are unaware of currently. The club currently meets on Thursdays during lunch. The club helps to culturally enrich the GM environment for all members of our school community by hosting several activities. For example, a Mix-It-Up lunch, DEEW (Diversity Equality and Education Week), and the arrangement of a variety of speakers. Members also volunteer and do community service, in addition to attending diversity workshops and promoting inclusion throughout the year. Overall, the I.D.E.A club is an awesome club to be a part of if you want to culturally enrich the GM community.