OPINION: The Rising Population of Lakewood

Is the rising population due to heavy immigration helping or harming Green Mountain.


Wikimedia Commons

Eric Chapman, Staff Reporter

Recently, Green Mountain and the rest of Lakewood has seen a rapid population rise due to many different factors, but while this may seem like a good thing, there are also some issues that come with these rising population numbers. Now a large amount of this population rise is due to people from other states or cities, but it is mostly due to immigrants from many different countries whom are seeking a better life and are trying to create a safe a secure place to raise their children. This can be a very big problem for our community though if it is not controlled.

One could ask how such growth is bad for our community, and what are some of the cons that come with this influx of immigrants into the Lakewood community, When I say immigration, I am not just talking about a specific race or culture, but instead am talking of people of different race and culture along with those who are US citizens or not. Some of the cons that come with this heavy population rise in Green Mountain is that there is not enough opportunity or jobs for all that reside in the Lakewood area. With the heavy amount of people entering our community, new members of Lakewood are going to need work to support themselves and their families; however, a lot of the time, they are unable to get a job because there are too many people already employed, which skyrockets our unemployment rates.  This can end up being very bad for Green Mountain, as high unemployment rates and a greater number of businesses can lead to a variety of industries becoming unable to support themselves due to the decreased spending power of a greater portion of the population. If we don’t find methods to alleviate these major issues in Lakewood, then Green Mountain could possibly go from  place of great opportunity and growth to a place of unemployment and stagnation, something no Lakewood citizen would want.