Colorado thinking about possible increase in the driving age

Colorado as well as many other states thinking about raising the age to get a drivers licence from 16 to 18

Eric Chapman, Staff Reporter

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Recently, Colorado, as well as many other states in the qUS, are thinking about something that could affect many drivers. That something is the fact that the driving age might be increased to 18 years old. This would affect over 200,000 drivers in Colorado. Now a lot of Colorado state officials, as well as those from other states, believe that this is a good idea and while they may have a lot of pros and facts to support their argument, there are even more cons and things to go against their idea of making the driving age 18 instead of 16.

Now the main reason they say that they are doing this is that 16-year-olds are just not capable of making as good as decisions as an adult on the road but that is only partly true. There are more good teen drivers then bad teen drivers and the people that they are referring to in this argument are the bad and distracted teen drivers who only make up a small percentage of teen drivers. In fact, only about 1 of ever 20 is a distracted driver that is under the age of 18. Now if you take out the fact that there are distracted drivers and just compare how good a teen driver is to an adult, you will find that they are pretty similar in driving skill. A test was conducted recently by Autonation seeing who is a better driver, a teenager or an adult. Surprisingly, both were about the same. Now another thing that could be bad for Colorado if they raise the driving age is that the government themselves will be losing money due to this. Every driver after they get their license needs to pay DMV fees for many things like taking the driving test, time that the instructor is spending, time that the workers setting you up for an appointment spent, resources to make you a license, gas for the car you will be tested in if it is not yours, and many other things. All of these things generate a lot of revenue for the government and if they increase the age, they will not be making as much money that could go to a lot of different things to improve Colorado. Now, these are not all of the current arguments that exist with this topic but these are just two of the things that there should be more thought about. If Colorado does end up going through with raising the driving age, not only will it affect the teen drivers in Colorado but also the great state of Colorado itself.