GMHS Semester One Recap


Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

With the end of the first semester around the corner, many people are ready to start preparing for the second half of the school year. However, that doesn’t mean that the first semester wasn’t full of many events!  Starting the year off strong, football won their homecoming game, making Homecoming a massive success. Chamber orchestra had a concert with the high energy quartet, Spinphony. Football made it to the semifinals for the first time in twenty years, but sadly lost to Palmer Ridge. Theater produced the Green Mountain original The Flanagan Hilton Long Beach Resort for the fall play, which was a smashing hit, and is preparing for the spring musical, Les Misérables. Cross Country had a great season with the girls’ team finishing tenth and Graham Tuohy Gaydos finishing fifth individually. Soccer had a great season and finished strong throughout, while Marching Band went to state and placed fourth, and were welcomed home spectacularly. Swim and dive started their season off strong with one win and a close loss. Volleyball had some killer games and had many GM fans present in the stands. The first semester of the 2019 to 2020 school year at Green Mountain was consistently full of fun events that all students, parents, and staff all enjoyed. Cheer kept the spirits high and the energy full at the games and competed with full pep at their cheer tournament. The second to last week was full of band, choir, and orchestra holiday concerts, sending everyone into finals week feeling festive and prepared to ace their finals.

As school progressed, so did the students. Presley Nemecek says that, “Semester one of sophomore year was definitely better than both of freshman’s combined because of the numerous opportunities I’ve been given and all of the friends I have made this semester alone.” Packed full of new people, Ram Nation kept up its community and strength without fail. With things shifting into a new year, Green Mountain’s students and staff remain high energy and keep persevering, signaling that this second semester is going to be an exciting one.