GMHS Theatre Takes on the French Revolution

Emilie Matthews, Staff Reporter

It’s the start of second semester, which means that as always, Green Mountain’s Spring Musical preparation has begun. This year, the Theatre Department has taken a step away from classic show tunes and dance numbers, instead choosing to produce the emotional and intricate Les Miserables, based on Victor Hugo’s historical 19th-century novel. Set in the early 1800s, Les Miserables follows the life of Jean Valjean, a man recovering from 20 years of imprisonment after stealing a loaf of bread. Throughout the musical, Jean Valjean searches for redemption and works to become a better man, but ghosts from his past return to haunt him. Although the musical is primarily about Jean Valjean and his life, it also follows the youth of Paris as they navigate the travails of fighting a rebellion. Trinity Cathers, a sophomore at Green Mountain High School and a member of the ensemble and a lead’s understudy, states, “Its a really amazing experience and I’ve already learned a lot. It’s really cool to work with everyone and see how it comes together at the end.” Unlike Green Mountain’s previous Spring Musicals, Les Miserables is almost entirely sung and also mentions more mature subjects such as prostitution, violence, and suicide. With rehearsals beginning on the first day of school for the semester, the cast, crew, pit musicians, and directors have been tirelessly working to produce an exceptional show. Cathers states, “It’s a great musical that has so many messages one can take home with them. Plus, the music is amazing!”


Tickets for Les Miserables go on sale February 1st, 2020, and can be found on Ms. Amberg’s website or the GMHS Homepage. Opening night is March 5th, 2020, and there are evening shows on March 6th and 7th, as well as a matinee on the 7th. The Spring Musical is a great way to support fellow Rams and the performing arts program, as all profits are used to fund the coming year’s productions.