Gun Control

Jacob Schick, Guest Reporter

The right to bear arms has been a heated debate ever since it was a freedom in the constitution written in 1976. The right has been more pressed the more shootings and harm going on from seemingly normal citizens. Just In the past week,  there have been 7 mass shootings, which caused 6 deaths, and 25 others were injured. Civilians living a normal life just as us had the ability to own guns and did, and with them, they decided to cause harm and hurt innocent people.

It’s not the easiest thing to get a gun, someone gets a background check and sign a good amount of papers, but nonetheless a lot of people who have the ability to harm others, can walk into a gun store and walk out thirty minutes later with a gun in hand. Of course, someone would also need to take a 6-10 hour concealed weapon course in order to have guns on said person. There are precautions in place, but a good amount of people believe that there should be a check on someone’s mental health/issues. 


Something like this has taken place in Colorado, known as the “Red Flag” law. It means that if a judge sees the reason that someone shouldn’t have a gun on them, the gun will be taken away. The downside is this can make a supposedly unstable person mad, and if he resents the government he will find a way to cause harm and he will do it in a way that not many will like. 


We the people, have been given the right to bear weapons, and to take that away would only cause resentment and make the more unstable dangerous people even more dangerous. The finer majority that own guns, only use it for defense and are safe and stable with them. The unstable, the ones that want to harm, it doesn’t matter if they can’t just go into a gun shop and get a gun, because no matter what they will find a way to harm and if they are so desperate to use a gun they will find a way to get a gun. There is always away. An anonymous person said, “270 years ago our forefathers who founded this country agreed that a government would always be corrupt and each person had to be able to protect themselves from the government, hence the right to bear arms.”