Construction in the student parking lot


Alyssa Perkins, Staff Reporter

Are you ready for a change in the parking lot? Students, teachers, and parents at GMHS have described the student parking lot as chaotic and crowded currently. How will our Rams feel when the entire dynamic changes in March of 2020? GMHS is receiving many new renovations installed for the 2020 – 2021 school year and forward. Before this can happen, there will need to be construction on our school grounds. This construction will start around March 6th and will continue throughout the school year, over the summer of 2020, and even into the next school year.

However, during construction, many changes will need to be made to the parking lot to make room for equipment and transportation. This includes closing off the exit for construction use only. This will cause the current entrance to be made into a two-way road that can be used to allow drivers to still exit and enter the parking lot. To control traffic, there will be cones placed to divide the lane and flaggers out during lunch hours. Students who currently park in this lot have reacted poorly to the news and have said things like, “The parking lot will be so much more dangerous with only one way in and out” – Amanda Dillow and “I won’t be parking there anymore, there will be so many crashes” – Shahin Ahmad. Although construction will have some negative effects on parking situations, the end result should be well worth the negatives. There will be a new turf football field, tennis court, track, batting cage, and even a new addition to the gym. A few parking lot spaces will also be taken up during construct, but hopefully to continue making GMHS the best school it can be. Construction is planned to be completed by 2021 after winter break, with sports-related additions opening in August.