Society Anxeity

Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

They laugh as I pass by,

Is it about me or is it something about how I look – why do I even try,

Looking through my past there’s nothing to dignify,

And I know that I won’t get anywhere just asking why,

Whenever I do something it’s never enough,

Do they really have it all or is it just a bluff?

I’ve tried every way but it seems that I never get tough,

They taunt and torment me – why is it so rough?

They pressure that the put onto me has made me cry but not anymore,

Even though they make me feel sick to my core,

I’ll take this into my own hands – make my own door,

No matter what they say I’m me and I will soar,

I will take my life into my hands,

What I do should not have to be validated by others – they don’t have to be my fans,

I don’t care about what they think because I have my own plans,

I have the power to change my fate – to get out of these badlands,

The words the say have no impact,

I can do whatever I try for and that’s a fact,

It doesn’t matter how high the odds may be stacked,

Because I will create a glorious act,

I will rise into the greatness I can become,

I will march to my own beat of the drum,

I will be victorious as I am strum,

I am amazing and they can’t say otherwise.