GMHS Academy Program


The Academy Program is a four-year advanced learning program that is available to all students at Green Mountain High School. The GMHS Academy Program is the first program of its kind to exist and thrive in Colorado, and it continues to show in students’ classes and studies. The Academy Program incorporates AP coursework into its curriculum, allowing students to earn AP college credits and endorsements in particular disciplines along with their high school diploma. The Academy Program consists of four academies, including (1) Arts, Humanities, & Performing Arts; (2) Business & Global Studies; (3) Health & Human Services; and (4) Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. Within these four academies, students can select from fourteen different pathways that delve deeper into specific career tracks.

The success of the GMHS Academy Program is not only proved through word-of-mouth, but through statistical advancement and success as well. Approximately 80 percent of the Class of 2017 completed one or more pathway, and many have completed college degrees in fields related to the pathways they completed in high school. These accomplishments are due to the undying efforts of the GMHS Advisory Board, which is made up of 200 business partners (many of them parents of students at GM), college and university partners, and school district and community partners. In addition, the students of GMHS have also presented major contributions to the Academy Program. GMHS has an Academy Student Leadership Team of approximately 35 students who serve as “Rambassadors” and have helped to appraise other Academy Program components. Several high schools across Colorado have adapted GMHS’s academy model.

However, Green Mountain has not always had such an incredible opportunity as this one. Before 2007, when the academy program was introduced, the school was losing as many as 130 students a year to nicer, neighboring high schools. To fix this problem, a conference was held over the span of a few days, and the academy program was spotlighted as a potential solution. After it was installed, it was found to be very successful and rewarding. It is useful for exploring options before college, when changing one’s interests may mean losing thousands of dollars. It also enhances résumés and looks good on college applications. Overall, the program has proved to be very useful in helping students develop interests and connections within the school, and is one of the reasons why Green Mountain High School is so unique.