An Open Letter to the Green Mountain Staff


Grahm Tuohy-Gaydos, Editor in Chief

It is impossible to deny that the past few weeks have been nothing but tumultuous as our lives have been turned upside down by a microbe. Athletic events have been cancelled, restaurants and stores have been closed, and the news continues to showcase ever rising death tolls from COVID-19. Yet even as the world seemingly collapses to teenagers across the country, Jefferson County Schools, and by extension Green Mountain High School, has provided us with a singular pillar of stability, a beacon in a time when global collapse seems imminent and fear seems rampant.

Yes, in-school teaching may be prohibited at this time, but we are far luckier than our colleagues in other districts around the state. We are learning, receiving class time, and still engaging with our teachers in positive ways. We are blessed in the sense that we still have the opportunity to gain knowledge, to gain experience without having to put our lives at risk. More than anything, we are lucky to have teachers who want to continue teaching, to keeping engaging kids through this pandemic. We often praise the district, the state, or the federal government for success stories like these, but in this case, the praise should lie solely on our teachers. GMHS and district teachers were given a weekend to completely redesign their course load for virtual education, to gather their supplies, and leave the school. For many teachers, the courses they have created require months, even years of planning to create. And still, it seems that almost every teacher has found a way to continue educating as they would. This is more than impressive; this is monumental in size, and a testament to the people who put in this work. We often forget the amount of time and effort teaching requires, but it is in these moments that we must remind ourselves just how stellar our educators are, and more specifically, just how special our teachers at GMHS are.

To summarize the above, we at The Ram Page want to extend our thanks to the staff at Green Mountain High School for the work they’ve done, for the effort they’ve put into making this transition as easy as possible for students and for putting us first. Many  of them have their own problems right now with their family members quarantined at home as well, yet still find the time to manage their classes as well. Furthermore, we urge students to say the same to to their teachers, to thank them for everything they’ve done to help you in this move to virtual classes. Yes, the road forward is rocky and hole-filled to say the least, but we have our family, our friends, and most importantly, our teachers to help guide us through these hard times, and hopefully to a better tomorrow.