Dylan Griffiths, Staff Reporter

Isolation is a lonely word,

One that brings sorrow,

One that makes one wish they were a bird,

So they could fly away into tomorrow,

To forget about today


Isolation comes with doubt and fear,

But it does not have to be only that,

With determination one can take be the ability to steer,

Because change can happen but only with courage to go beyond the welcome mat,

One must overcome to realize fate isn’t written in clay


With strength together we can overcome this pause,

Together as one we will improve and prosper,

Together we will stand up and defeat as is human law,

In when it is all over we will see it more like a cake’s topper,

Something that is small but something that shows the way


Life isn’t what it appears on the surface,

Life is something that can not be fully understood,

So let’s all do each other one huge service,

Let’s stay inside but be together as it is for good,

With strength and unit we will come through to the light on the other side of the doorway


Light will shine through the storms clouds of today,

Peace will be restored and once more the great artists will sculpt with clay,

Together we will be able to secure and pave the way,

Because before new doors can be explored we have to go through this doorway


Because isolation isn’t scary when it isn’t truly isolation.