GMHS Clubs Overview

Photo by Liberty Boston

Liberty Boston

Photo by Liberty Boston

Raniya Digankar, Staff Reporter

While this year has been anything but normal, Green Mountain High School has been trying to make the best of this tough time. Unfortunately, the school was unable to have a Homecoming Dance, but the homecoming spirit is not completely dead. The school’s Event Planning Committee (EPC) has many special events lined up to make sure everyone indulges in a little ram spirit. During the week of Halloween, GMHS will host a spirit week as has always been tradition. EPC has also planned to have its first powder-puff scavenger hunt in place of the actual powder-puff game. It will be occurring through Instagram with junior and senior hashtags in order to keep the event organized. The class whose hashtag is used more during that week will be announced the winner. Shelbee Austin, a member of EPC, stated that “Having all of my clubs brings back a sense of normalcy, especially being able to not only help with school spirit but also feeling like I can help to make this year easier for everyone.”

A variety of other clubs have also started up again to provide students with the opportunity to connect with their fellow students and enjoy school activities like always. The Academy Leadership Student Team (ALST) is working hard to help students engage with academies more, and Ram Council is also trying their best to bring attention to teacher/student relationships and concerns with remote learning to create solutions. If you have any concerns or ideas that you would like to address, then the best way to have your voice heard is to join leadership clubs. ALST is currently looking for new members to join, and an application can be requested from Mrs. Tiwari. The Ram Page has uploaded several articles under the name “GMHS Clubs: Behind the Scenes” which provide an in-depth description of all of the clubs in the school and are a useful resource when trying to see which club fits you best. Calvin Given, a member of Ram Council, stated that “Even though the clubs aren’t fully in person this year and are structured a little differently, they really have made this crazy school year better. When you’re participating in a club, you get to interact with different people who you don’t have classes with. In addition, clubs have allowed others and myself to connect with people in a more personal way. This is super important, especially now, because we don’t have lunch or other opportunities where we can connect with people on a more personal level and see friends we don’t get to see in classes.”

In addition, the National Honor Society (NHS) recently inducted several new members and will host a virtual induction ceremony on October 26th. Obviously, no group activities are allowed this year. All service hours will be individual and must follow public health guidelines. NHS has, however, arranged a service menu for the members that contains a variety of opportunities to obtain their required 10 hours of service. Lastly, DECA has also moved to a virtual environment this year. All testing and presentations will happen virtually, which doesn’t allow the students to be able to gain the experience of facing a judge in real time, but still helps participants gain the much valued experience associated with the events. This year, DECA will be accepting video submissions of the role plays and be grading based off that video. Keep an eye out for some incoming DECA articles that announce GM DECA’s performance this year as their season continues. Try to participate in at least one club, because this year has truly shaped out to be very difficult, and a club will bring some normalcy back into students’ lives in meaningful and important ways.