Autumn Forest Road

Photo by Liberty Boston

Liberty Boston

Photo by Liberty Boston

Dylan Griffiths, Co-Managing Editor

The crunch of soft red earth fills the air,

Thick wafts of last night’s rain follow me,

The trees along the path are not yet bare,

This old forest road never fails to bring glee,


Bright colors reflected back,

Brown mixes with orange, red, and yellow warmth,

Breaking a stick lets out a large crack,

Bolting through the canopies the birds head forth,


Floating down to the dirt floor,

Falling peacefully without a concern,

Flair filled pigments that people adore,

Flickering candles light a season’s turn,


Cold air swirls in,

Change is everywhere I look,

Colorful leaves adorning the trees make me grin,

Calming scenes that feel at place in my fairy tale book,


Nature is settling down for winter,

Now is the time for hearty meals,

Night comes earlier and leaves a blanket of silver,

New has become old and long gone are spring deals,


The light fades as I head home,

Bright streaks and dark shadows are thrown through the windows,

Floating dust smells familiar,

Cold floorboards creak as I enter,

Nature has said it’s time to rest,


Until tomorrow the autumn forest road will sleep.