Teen Superhero/Horror Movie Tries Hard, but Isn’t a Smash


Noah Lunsford, Movie Critic

Do you know what mutants are? In The New Mutants, a new superhero/horror film, young Native American mutant Danielle “Dani” Moonstar wakes up in a hospital, where she is told by kind doctor Cecilia Reyes that her entire reservation was killed in an accident and she is the only survivor. Dani is also told that she must remain at the hospital until Dr. Reyes can find out what powers she possesses. Several other young mutants are there are the hospital with her: Sam Guthrie, a young man from Kentucky who can bast himself into the air: Rahne Sinclair, an Irish mutant who can turn into a wolf: Roberto da Costa, a Brazilian mutant who can use solar energy to his advantage: and Illynana Rasputin, a hot-headed, Russian mutant who can use magic. The teens think the are at the hospital to become a part of the X-Men, but after they realize they are trapped in the hospital and they have terrifying visions based on their troubled pasts, the teens realize they aren’t being trained in the ways of superheroes. They most now try to escape the hospital before the evil apparitions finish them off. The movie is directed by Josh Boone and stars Maisie Williams as Rahne, Anya Taylor-Joy as Illynana, Blu Hunt as Dani, Charlie Heaton as Sam, Henry Zaga as Roberto, and Alica Braga as Dr. Reyes. This film was originally going to be released in April of 2017, but was delayed multiple times for 3 years until it was released in August of this year. The film was also planned to be the first in a trilogy, but after Disney bought the movie, that idea was scrapped. Teens will want to see this movie because some of the actors are from shows like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, and director Josh Boone also directed The Fault in Our Stars. The acting in this movie is medium-level and most of the characters are easy to connect too, but where the movie fails is in the script. The movie tries to be a horror film, a superhero film, and a teen film at the same time. However, the movie is not very scary and the action doesn’t come often. But when the action does come, it does usually manage to impress. And there is a gay romance, a first for a Marvel film! However, while this movie does have some groundbreaking elements and good acting, the rest of the movie falls short. This film tries to go above and beyond, but in the end, while it doesn’t get sunk underground, it’s feet stay firmly on the ground.